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                     About us

                          KAIPING SHI YING TIAN KITCHENS FACILITIES CO.,LTD. was established in 1996, the company comprised of stainless steel products factory Eagle Field, Kerry into a foundry, Eagle field kitchen complete electrical plant engineering company, the plant covers more than twenty thousand square meters, professional technical force, equipment, professional production of stainless steel kitchen appliances and utensils, fans, stove, oven rings, stainless steel oven panels, kitchen range hoods and other specialized accessories. Undertake the factory canteen, kitchen, restaurants and institutions supporting the project, the company has set up the installation team, after-sales service working group for customer service and solve problems. After years of development and customer support, thriving company performance, product sales throughout the country, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and Hong Kong.
                          Eagle Motor Works company under field has produced for many years a solid foundation for the motor can produce excellent quality products, making the product stand out. Is to meet the needs of customers around the factory are currently focused on the production of the motor into, and establish a win with quality, constantly updated, the goal.
                          The company has machining, sheet metal, punching, shearing, drawing, CNC machining and other advanced equipment, has a production fan parts, assembly and motor production line, the company has laid a solid strength, according to customer demand for different products customize satisfied with the product.
                          I will be in high quality, excellence, forge ahead spirit of enterprise, constantly develop new technologies and new products. To a higher sales rate, better quality, more versatile and dedicated service to our customers, Welcome to the guide.